The world is better off
with more lazy vegans

Lazy Vegans are kind, they don’t harm animals, the planet or their own health. Lazy Vegans are chill, they make dinner in less than ten minutes and have time for the fun stuff. Lazy Vegans are foodies, they enjoy great taste. In short, Lazy Vegans are pretty fun people to hang around with and now you can easily become one too.



Want to know our recipe? We start by leaving a lot of shizzle out. We don’t want anything from any animal in your meal. No meat, no dairy (so no lactose) and no eggs. We don’t use soy. Way better are the protein chunks Pulled Peaz made from green peas, that give you more protein than meat. You’ll be amazed by the great taste and nice texture. We add loads of fresh vegetables and tasty herbs and spices. Just heat it on medium temperature for 10 minutes max and enjoy your meal. Give yourself (and the planet) a break.


More people want to eat less meat or no meat at all. That’s good news, for the planet, for the animals and for your own health. More people have less time in a day though. Less time to do the groceries, less time to cook, and certainly less time to do absolutely nothing at all. That’s why there is Lazy Vegan. Great tasting frozen convenience meals that are packed with fresh vegetables and unique protein chunks Pulled Peaz.

No Animals. No Soy. No Hassle.


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